Internet Marketing Article Keyword Tools

There are quite a few article keyword tools out there that are easy to use and come up with some pretty good keyword phrases. The best Internet marketing article keyword tools offer not only good phrases but also can give you an idea of the competition for those keywords and phrases and a way to keep track of those great finds. One of the most popular keyword tools out there is free and it’s called the Google AdWords keyword tool.

The Google AdWords tool is a good place to start your phrase research and you can find this tool by typing that exact phrase into Google. When writing an Internet marketing article you need this tool to help your article get ranked highly on search engine results. Obviously, our goal is to have our article show up on the first page so that people read it and find it useful enough to click through to our blog or web page.

Internet marketing article keyword tools should offer at minimum some good keyword suggestions. In the case of Google’s tool, it does just that. I’m going to use dog training for an example because I love dogs! Now dog training is a pretty broad topic and because of that it can be difficult to get your article on the first page of search engine results. So, lets dig deeper and get a little more specific on our phrase.

To give you an example, I’m going to suggest checking this phrase: “dog training with leash” as our keyword phrase to research. Enter this into the Google AdWords tool and see what you come up with. Okay, nothing came up for this exact phrase but it did give me some other great ideas like “dog leash training”, “how to train your dog to walk on a leash” which I love. I think this is a great phrase to base an Internet marketing article on.

Other tools can help you even more to find keyword phrases to base your Internet marketing article efforts on and get the biggest bang for your article buck. These tools can help you create entire campaigns to keep your organized. The tool on the Wealthy Affiliate site will even show you what keyword phrases have the highest article power rating and estimate how much traffic you may get from the article. Finding out about your phrase competition is one of my favorites in this keyword tool package.

Keyword tools can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping you write Internet marketing articles that rate well in search engines. This gives your pages great exposure and if the articles are helpful and well written, you will get traffic, which is after all, what we all want. Right?

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